Wrapped Wreath for Spring

I’ve had our winter wreath holding strong on the front door for months because I hadn’t yet decided what on earth to do for spring. Until I saw Jen over at Tatertots & Jello post an adorable navy blue and yellow wreath, with some adorable gingham and chevron fabric.

As far as this house is concerned, when pitchers and catchers report for spring training (lets go Phillies), it’s springtime.

So for two weeks now, I’ve had a yarn wrapped wreath with beige yarn pom-poms, because I’ve had commitment issues with changing it up for spring. When I saw the original wreath at Tatertots & Jello, I loved the idea of wrapping fabric, and figured it was time to commit. I changed mine up a little bit with the bow for the simple fact that my wreath form hangs on our door with one of those magnet hooks, and I’ve been using a repurposed curtain sash to hold it on the hook, which I tie with a bow. I didn’t want bow overload, so I went with a few flowers.

Although, now that I’m writing this and staring at my front door, I think it’d look adorable with a red bow and a rope for the summertime. Ooh.

It’s on!

You’ll need…

wreath form

fabric & scissors
straight pins (for pinning the end down & your flowers)

push pin (this is just for holding the ends as you wrap, I used mine maybe twice, totally optional)
paint chip samples 

I started off with my old yarn wrapped wreath. In it’s naked state, it’s a straw wreath form, left in its’ original plastic. I got mine at my local craft store with a handy-dandy 40% off coupon. 

You’ll want to cut strips of your fabric. I’m not entirely sure how much fabric I used, maybe a 1/4 yard or so. I cut as I wrapped because I didn’t want to cut too much at once and have leftover strips.

Next, just start wrapping. I overlapped my strips a little bit and kept it pretty tight as I went around. 
When I added strips, I used a push pin to hold it while I cut more fabric, but it’s not necessary. Make sure you overlap the ends together, just so nothing falls out or loosens up. 

Wrap, wrap, wrap.

When you’re at the end, use a straight pin to hold it down. You can also do some glue, or just tuck it under. Whatever is handy is just fine.

Now, you’re ready for the flower portion. I used Martha Stewart paint chip samples from Home Depot.
Fun story – I asked my husband to grab some of these on a run for caulk, and asked for “springish colors” and really just hoped for the best.and I was pretty thrilled that he came back with 2 coordinating colors – a cool yellow and an orangey-yellow. This whole thing was done during naptime, and I didn’t even make a note of what colors these were exactly. The bonus of using paint chips is they’re free, convenient, bright, and I love a quick change. You can certainly use fabric or something else convenient for you. I simply had nothing in the color family I wanted, and wanted to go for a different look.

Ok, so for your flowers, I just cut different sized circles, then added scallops.

Stack ’em up until you get a cute little flower shape.

I used some pins from my sewing box to hold these on for something different, but you can glue them, sew them, or whatever you like.

Then just pin them on the wreath. I did a second pin, on an angle in each flower just for extra sticking power. I also tied my beige sash around the top for holding it on the hook.

Then hang it up and enjoy! 

What a great idea for scrap fabric. This would also look adorable on the grapevine wreaths with some of the vines peeking through. I’ve got one of those (still in a Christmasy maroon and grey felt flower combo – gasp!) on my kitchen door, which will obviously need an update ASAP. I think tomorrow’s nap time perhaps? 

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  1. That turned out beautifully. It's so cheery. The paint chip flowers are my favorite. Your neighbors are going to be so jealous of this beautiful wreath. When I start to see green grass, that's when I start to hope for Spring πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! I just popped in from Diana Rambles: Pin Me Linky Party – LOVE this wreath and the paint chip flowers! I am definitely going to try making one! Thanks!!

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