Updating Interior Door Hardware

Updating interior door hardware is a simple and super fast fix for anyone to do. It can add so much character and an elevated look to any home!

farmhouse hallway

This house came with brushed nickel all the things. Brushed nickel knobs, hinges, light fixtures. Which, is a step up from the 80’s gold knobs, but I have always wanted black hardware and faucets. As we’ve been upgrading things, I always looked at the existing knobs and knew they were here on borrowed time.

Brushed nickel hardware on door

The house I grew up in had amazing vintage glass knobs (which I didn’t appreciate until now – go figure) on every door, and they were so pretty with an antiqued bronze plate. So fancy! It did cross my mind to go that route in this house, but that style I didn’t think would jive on this newer house, that doesn’t look at all vintage.

Black knobs it was.

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The simpler the better, so I set off on my course for what felt like 50,000 knobs. The front and back door hardware (which were also brushed nickel, and also peeling) were already updated, so we were all-in. Those 2 updated door knobs staring at me from the front and back doors set me on a course to Black Knob Village.

Swapping a knob is an easy update. To keep with the simple farmhouse slash craftsman look we love, I opted for a basic, non fancy (read: inexpensive) knob, like this. Updating the brass or silver hardware for black, an updated gold, or glass is a simple job and really adds an elevated look, that I totally am in love with.

Stand back and admire your hard work and funky-angle drilling.

Then realize you forgot to get matching hinges for the doors. Go to the store and weep, realizing each door has 3 hinges. By the way, I speak from experience when I recommend you bring a hinge with you to the store.

Botched hinges on farmhouse door

Replacing the hinges is a bit more time consuming than the knobs, because of the adjustments you probably will have to make to ensure the doors close and open smoothly. Totally worth it!

farmhouse hallway black door hardware

I am loving the elevated look the knobs and hinges give, and I am plotting a course to Black Faucet Town next!

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