Top 5 DIY’s To Add Farmhouse Style

In honor of spring finally arriving (in Pennsylvania, anyway), I’ve gathered my top 5 DIY projects to add farmhouse style decor to the house. Have y’all gotten some good spring weather yet? We are in our first few weeks of total springtime fantasticness, and it’s been  just amazing. We’ve gotten gardening, spring cleaning, decorating, and all sorts of playing outside with no jackets on in the sunshine and warm breezes underway. Glorious!

Farmhouse Project No.1: DIY Coffee Table Using a Salvaged Shutter

DIY Coffee Table with Hairpin legs from a salvaged shutter! How adorable, you've gotta make this!
This is probably one of my easiest and most favorite projects we’ve done, and I love how it turned out. The hairpin legs really contrast the rustic shutter we got at a salvage shop locally, and it’s just adorable. You can also make one of these with a shutter, table top, door, window… the possibilities are truly endless. There is nothing like salvaging something so architecturally beautiful!

Farmhouse Project No.2: Easy Rustic Blanket Ladder DIY

You've GOT to make this pallet blanket ladder!
If you’ve got pallets laying around, you’ve got to make this adorable pallet blanket ladder! You all know darn well, you use blankets even in the spring and summer time because you’ve either got the windows open in the evenings for a good breeze, or the air conditioner is slingin’ some cool air.

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Farmhouse Project No.3: Rustic Kitchen Transformation Progress

How to transform a builder-grade kitchen to a rustic kitchen with simple updates!

This is probably one of my favorite transformation projects! This shelf adds so much character to the window (which was bare bones), and the pendant light is perfection – especially because it took only 5 minutes! You can add so much character to a window by simply adding a shelf, cute curtains, and accessories!

Farmhouse Project No.4: How to Make A Burlap Wreath

Add this to your spring list: How to make a burlap wreath!

Listen here…  your door cannot be naked, so whip this up real quick. This adorable wreath only took me a couple minutes, and it looks amazing on the screen to welcome folks onto the farmhouse porch. A burlap wreath can be customized in a million different ways, so make it your own!

Farmhouse Project No.5: Faux Salvaged Wood Farm Signs


Ok, so I haven’t written this post yet, but I am working on 2 new signs for the doors here, and I wanted to give y’all a sneak peek of the two I already have hanging up! I made these signs to look like either rustic wood I found laying in a pile of dirt, or hanging on a roadside stand. Aren’t they adorable!?  I’m going to do a video tutorial and show you how to get the layers of character and depth with the new wood, so make sure you are hanging out on my Facebook page for that video, and subscribe to the newsletter (right at the top!) so you can be the first to know when that tutorial post is up.

If you dig this, please pin and share it!! Let me know what your favorite farmhouse DIY is in the comments below!I need these! Top 5 DIY's To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home


  1. I love the Burlap Wreath and the Signs, I can’t wait to watch your video tutorial for making new wood look old. I want to make some signs for my kitchen and dining room but was nervous to start since I’ve never done one before.

    Great collection by the way, lots of inspiration for people like me who want to infuse some farmhouse into our homes!

  2. I just love your farmhouse style. It’s so light and bright, but has color. Kudos, girl!! Wel done. Sharing!!!!!! with great pleasure. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. Really unique ideas with great solid character! My favorites are your pendants – probably because I am in the market for some new fixtures. They have great style, especially the open wired one over the sink.

  4. I think my favorite is the shutter coffee table!! I have some reclaimed pieces (windows, doors, shutters) that I could use for cool projects like this. Thanks for some awesome ideas.

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