The Journey of Simplifying

Stop over-scheduling yourself and multitasking, and start simplifying your life and schedule. It’s not actually as horrible as it sounds.  It’s an adjustment process for sure, and is so much better for your brain! Join me on this journey – or adventure? experience? – of simplifying!

Or is it more of an adventure?  An adjustment?  An experiment in losing your sanity for the short term in order to gain it back for the long term?  I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that simplifying my house, life, and schedule is a really difficult process. Much harder than I thought it’d be, an underestimation for sure. In reality, it’s an adjustment.

The problems with being on a simplification journey, or whatever we choose to call it, is that it’s a huge adjustment from the way you’re used to engaging with…  everything.  Multitasking is horrible, over scheduling yourself and not realizing it until it’s happening and way, way too late – my bugaboos.


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Multitasking is Overrated

We can’t do 100% of the things 100% of the time. Stop multitasking, folks. Working on a project and checking facebook? No. Checking your phone while spending quality time with your family and kids?  No. When our brains are fully focused on one thing (I’m sure there’s some type of scientific evidence out there to prove this somewhere), we succeed and our efficiency is amazing.

Lately, I have been focusing on one thing at a time, and it’s been going really well. If I’m spending time playing a game with my kids, that’s what I’m doing.  If I’m working or teaching, that’s what I’m doing.  If I’m prepping for a class or project, that’s what I’m doing. My kids may pop in and out during all this stuff since I’m home, but it’s OK. In times like that, I have realized if I front load them with undivided attention and promise them more undivided attention when I’m done (or setting a timer), they’re getting really good with giving me the 20 minutes to get something done. I hate that feeling of being pulled in 5 different directions, and this helps stop that. If the kids aren’t the issue, make a list of things you have to do.  Sort the list by priority, and start working down the list. Making adjustments is totally OK, just stick to one at a time, then cross it off.

When you over-schedule yourself, but realize it too late

Can I get an amen when your schedule looks perfect on your planner, and then you realize it’s too much. I’ve gotten really good at keeping the kids schedules simple, but my own schedule is always a little full. When it’s too full, I regret it every time! You’d think by now I would have learned to stop scheduling things, but I’m optimistic. It’s a problem! I’m always late too, which I have read is like an optimistic creative person issue, where we think we can do 100 things in 10 minutes.


I have began to take note of the times when I’m basically useless for anything important or productive. Earlier than 5am, between 7pm-8pm, after 11pm. Other small windows during the day based on my kids’ schedules vary, but generally speaking…  if I have to rise before 5am and do something important, I better be able to go to bed at 7:45 the night before.  If I have to do something important during the bedtime-window, it will probably not happen. After the kids are asleep, my chances of productivity hover around 85%. I take care to schedule all the heavy tasks in the morning and early afternoon, and leave the super simple things for the evenings. During those heavy task times, I am slowly learning to be realistic in how much time it takes me to actually complete something.  This ties back into multitasking and being focused, which is really hard usually for me. I use a paper planner, as well as my phone to set reminders to keep me on schedule. Keeping my focus on one thing at a time helps tremendously with not over-scheduling myself, but it still happens from time to time.

It’s really important to just stop.

Stop and slow down.

S l o w  d o w n.

Focus, and keep it simple.

What are your simplicity tips?  I’d love to know – leave me a note in the comments or on social.  Tell us your struggles and the wins!!


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