June 2018

We have been in our farmhouse, or as I have begun to call it – the farmette – for 5 years already.  In that 5 years, so much has changed!  As far as inside the house, we have added 2 more kids to the mix (for a grand – and final – total of 3), painted cabinets, swapped nearly all the furniture, shiplapped, only painted 2 rooms, amassed a full inventory of non-returnable area rugs I now don’t like, built a small farm and garden, have cultivated what looks like a baseball field of sod, mastered the perennial gardens, and filled the garage with a ton of hoarded salvage.

The neighborhood itself has changed builders a few times, but all the houses are beautiful and flow together so nicely. The development has reached the final phases of construction, and houses are popping up quickly. I am looking forward to the days when our now-5yr old trees are big and shady, give us something to rake in the fall, and something to carve initials into.

A look back

We began the construction process on this place in 2012/13, and this series of posts was basically my journal of each phase of construction and the stories to go along with it.