Springtime Farmhouse Porch Tour

For living in this house for 3 years now, we finally have gotten to the point of having a fully decorated farmhouse porch!! I mean, seriously you guys, when we first moved in, we literally had camping chairs out there until we got settled in. I can’t stand those things! Isn’t it funny how long it takes a space to evolve? This farmhouse front porch took three years to get where it is now, and there is a lot I want to show you guys, so come on up to the porch!
Farmhouse Porch - Welcome to the farmhouse!

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This farmhouse porch was so before-basic, it wasn’t even funny. Beige. Beige. Beige.

Farmhouse Porch - Beige Blah Before

We went from camp chairs, to adirondacks with a plastic cracked side table that first summer, to what we have now. I will say though, each year I hang 4 gigantic Boston ferns from the porch roof, and they add the perfect amount of privacy through the spring, summer, and even the fall. Check your local Lowes and Home Depot in the early early spring… they’re usually $5 (normally $16!) on sale for a week or so. Each spring I’ve added a few things here and there, and it’s finally gotten to be exactly what we want. We love this porch; the view is perfect, the breeze is perfect, the kids love to hang out there and color, we eat breakfast out there, we drink coffee, beer, and wine out there, chat with the neighbors out there, and it’s just incredibly relaxing.

As you come to our farmhouse porch, we have the adorable house numbers (they were originally on the side of the door and were super tiny. As you can see from the before photo, it was all basic beige. Zzzz, right? I decided to paint the trim around the door and the sidelights Pure Earth, and the front door Fresh Olive (both Behr). Originally, it was Hunter Green and Almond, but you couldn’t even see the Hunter Green because the shade from the porch roof made it look black, and the Almond blended with the siding color, making the door blend way too much. But now I feel like it’s a nice contrast and enough pop of color to make the door stand out.

Farmhouse Porch Landing - Welcome to the most relaxing porch ever!

Speaking of the door… the burlap wreath I made hangs on the farmhouse porch screen door we added last summer. It squeaks and creaks, has a basic hook-and-eye latch, and is just one of my favorites about farm houses. The breeze that comes down the hall is perfection, and it’s so welcoming and full of character.

One of my favorite things are these vintage egg baskets we got from a local spot we like to go foraging for random farm junk. I use these cuties as planters with coconut grass liners for a little something cute on the steps to welcome people up. Sometimes they migrate around the porch depending on where the sun is and what kid carries them around.  This season, they’re holding some light pink geraniums, dark red wave petunias, and some alyssum.

Farmhouse Porch - Egg Basket Planters

I absolutely love planters full of flowers by the doors, and since the porch is partial shade, I planted some pink New Guinea impatiens and more alyssum and petunias in this antique newspaper and magazine holder my mom gave me. These wood slices are literally just hanging out looking cute, because that’s where Andrew left them after he sawed them off a tree. True story, this is my life. See that cute wooden welcome sign?  That’s made from a piece of pallet wood Andrew took off for me and Lilly and I painted (freehand, as if you can’t tell!) and Andrew hung – I think it looks perfect there, don’t you? That naked spot always needed… something. 

Farmhouse Welcome Sign and Planter TopView

On the other side, I’ve got an old pair of rain boots filled with flowers. Now, when I say “old pair” I really mean my $10 rain boots from the WalMarts I wear in the winter time because it snows here a lot and gets muddy. These little cuties have verbena and some sweet potato vines in them, and they’ll make their way around the porch too, wherever Edie carries them. I’ve also got some petunias and verbena in my old junk watering can turned planter, against this old Amish-made wooden display ladder I painted black and distressed so adorably, if I do say so myself!

Farmhouse Porch - Add an Amish ladder, boots and water can planter for some instant charm!

Now, can I discuss these rugs? I used to have a spray painted welcome mat I made, but that cute little thing shed all over the farmhouse porch with all the wear and tear it took. We have a pretty large entry area I felt was awkward with a normal size welcome mat, so that first summer we decided to use a Pier 1 area rug we thrifted at a ReStore for $5. This year I added a cute indoor/outdoor area rug on top of that from The Christmas Tree Shop, just for a little texture and interest.

Off to the right of the farmhouse porch, I have an old deacon’s bench sporting a paisley cushion, an old wicker childrens rocking chair my mom found at a local thrift shop, and a beige and black indoor/outdoor runner from Big Lots, to add a seating area feel. I love sitting here with the tree in the background (which currently has a robin’s nest in it!), looking out at the sun setting on the farm down the street, while the kids run up and down the decking and fight over this single rocker.

Farmhouse Porch Bench, Rocker, and Planters

Farmhouse Porch - Rocker and Bench - the coziest spot!
Farmhouse Porch Bench Cushion and Galvanized Tray

Oh wait… do you see this galvanized metal serving tray? This is one of the things I got during my viral Facebook Live broadcast from the Wal-Mart! I use this thing daily… DAILY! Behold…

Down on the other end of the farmhouse porch, we have a pair of lavender-now-black plastic adirondack chairs. You see, I spray painted these things black as soon as I brought them home, because lavender were the only ones left, and they were on sale! They’ve been out there for a full winter (we’re talking freezing temps and 3 feet of snow) and they still look wonderful. There’s a matching runner down here as well, the antique milk can (thanks Mom!) serves as a side table for the time being, and the striped chair pads add a little pop of color down here and just the right amount of cushion.

Farmhouse Porch - Adirondacks and Gigantic Ferns

Andrew and I love sitting here in the evenings together, watching the corn grow across the way, watching the weather and sunsets, and once in a while, I’ll have morning coffee there, read, or blog a little bit.

Farmhouse Porch - Adirondacks and this amazing milk can!

So this is mostly where I spend all my free time, and where most of my coffee is consumed! I’ll be adding a few more things to this area (lots of power tools and hardware and figuring out of logistics is happening in our workshop) and I cannot wait to show you!

Always, please pin your hearts out!

Farmhouse Made Farmhouse Porch Tour

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