Simple Farmhouse Envelope Pillow Cover

These are the fastest envelope pillow covers you’ll ever make! The secret is in using napkins – a 4-pack of napkins will get you 2 covers, in 30 minutes. Easy to store, easy to swap!

Farmhouse style living room with envelope pillow covers made from napkins

My name is Kim, and I have a pillow cover problem. I have (somehow) limited myself to 6(ish) throw pillows on my couch, but their covers are many. I have made covers from yardage of fabric, drop cloths, dish towels, scarves, napkins, shirts, placemats, table runners, whatever. There’s no way I am even thinking about buying a pillow cover, unless they’re on clearance. Which is rare, because all the ones I do love, are never on clearance, ever. The covers that are always on clearance are the ones no one wants to buy because usually they’re awful looking, not the ones that are perfect in every way, and there were just too darn many on the shelves.

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let’s discuss the envelope pillow cover

Have you ever made an envelope pillow cover? They are so very easy. These are my favorite kind to make, because I usually have limited time to sew, and zippers require me more focus than an envelope style cover. My favorite thing to make these covers with are napkins. They come in a 4 pack usually, and are typically 20″-22″ squares, with perfect hems around the edges.

How to make simple envelope pillow covers

If your pillow forms are a bit larger than 20″ you’ll need smaller seam allowances and either 3 napkins (1 for the front, and 2 for flaps on the back), OR 2 dishtowels. Dishtowels are (obviously) rectangles, but they always come in adorable prints, and are often bigger than 20″ so if you have a larger pillow or rectangle pillow, this should do the trick.

supplies and steps to make the envelope pillow cover

Farmhouse style living room with envelope pillow covers made from napkins

For 2 pillows, you’ll need 1 pack of adorable napkins (like these striped ones, or these buffalo check ones, or these ticking grain sack ones), a sewing machine (Lilly uses a Singer almost exactly like this model, and I have this Brother), sewing notions (scissors, coordinating thread, pins).

  1. Lay out 1 napkin, right-side up. This is the front of the pillow.
  2. Cut the other napkin, in half. These will be the envelope back of the pillow.
  3. Rotate these halves so the hemmed edges face in (toward the center), and the cut edge is facing the outer edge.
  4. Place these halves right-side down, overlapping the seams in the center about 1-2″. If your pillow is not super fluffy, you’ll need less.  If your pillow is fluffy, you may need to go with more overlap in the center.
  5. Pin all 4 edges and sew. I used a 1/2″-ish seam allowance, but you may use whatever will fit your pillow.  I also opted to not cut the excess off before sewing, but you can totally do that so it’s easier to see your seam allowance and edges. I trimmed all 4 sides of my covers after I sewed them.
  6. Turn right-side out, and stuff your pillow in.
  7. Repeat for remaining pillows.

Here is a quick video showing you exactly how I did these!  You can also view this on my IG story highlights, here.

SO EASY!  Or should I say sew easy.  Get it?

The best part (in my humble opinion) is that swapping for the holidays or seasons is so simple, and you don’t have to store extra pillows somewhere, just the covers!

Saving space AND time? Amen!

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