Make Your Own Personalized Baby Shoes

Who on Earth doesn’t love to receive little, teeny, tiny, super cute baby shoes at their baby shower? Fools! That’s who. I am totally obsessed with baby and kid shoes, especially handmade ones, so I started googling my brains out for some patterns to try for a little boy, since all I’ve got are girly ones. I came across the TOMs Inspired Baby & Toddler Shoes tutorial, over on Homemade Toast and freaked out as soon as I saw them. Then I made them. And drooled.

The tutorial itself provides a free PDF pattern for a toddler and baby shoe, but you’ll need to size it accordingly. Since I’ve got no baby feet to use for sizing, I opted to just purchase the PDF pattern from her Etsy shop, which you can visit right here.
The tutorial is so easy to follow, and I didn’t run into any problems at all. The tags I made using printable fabric because I had plenty on hand, but you can use an iron on with ribbon or twill tape also.
Here are my shoes in progress. When you make these, be careful to take the time to ensure you place the tags and angles properly so you don’t end up with two right or two left shoes — the tags go on the outside, just like a buckle would. And when you print the patterns, cut the pieces twice so you get enough for two shoes. Don’t laugh at me… I didn’t realize that I only had pieces for the one shoe. Ok, laugh.
Overall, these took me about an hour or so from start to finish.



These were a huge hit at my friend’s baby shower yesterday, and I was itching to be able to post them!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Tonna! I just popped in at your Submarine Sunday Link Party – so cute! Can't get over the "USS Crafty" name, I love it!


  2. You're so welcome, I'm so glad I found your blog – these were such a hit at my friends' shower! I used a sleeve of a tattered button down shirt and the sole & upper are a lightweight brushed flannel. I love the way they turned out, and I know they'll be in high demand at baby showers for sure!

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