Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

These rustic wood Christmas ornaments we made are up at the top of my ‘most favorite handmade Christmas ornament’ list. If you missed my rustic Christmas pinecone ornament DIY from yesterday, you’ll want to pop over there and check those out too, they’re a perfect pair!

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornament

These rustic wood ornaments were such a quick project, and aside from cutting the log we used for these, only took about 30 minutes. Quick projects, that’s what I like the most – especially considering how busy this time of year is! I’m also one for finding some last-minute projects I want to do amidst the chaos of the season.

Here’s what you need to make your own rustic wood Christmas ornaments…

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

wood slices
holiday ribbons
coconut oil

Let’s talk about these wood slices for a second…

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

These slices are a bit over 1/4″ and were cut from a log we had in our stash of firewood. We simply rummaged through the pile and found a nice round one that wasn’t split yet, and used the table saw to slice them down. If you have fire wood (or go get some fire wood bundles), most of the time, the wood is split for a fire, so you are not limited to just round cuts!  A haphazard slice would look equally as charming! If you have no logs, or firewood, you can get wood medallions at most craft stores too in a pinch.

Rustic Wood Christmas OrnamentsMmmm, rustic goodness!

Once you’ve chosen your log, it’s time to cut it.

We used the table saw, however you can use a miter saw or a hand saw (a crosscut saw would work) if you would rather go that route. The cut might not be as clean with a hand saw, but you can always just sand it down with a coarse grit, then work your way up in grits to get a smoother finish.

After you’ve got your saw of choice, slice the wood into however many discs you want on your tree.
Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

Drill the holes for the ribbon. Depending on how wide your ribbon is, you can an certainly use a larger one to get a larger hole. If you’re using thick ribbon, I’d definitely suggest using a drill bit that’ll give more room, the red ribbon was a little snug on these, and these holes are made with a 1/4″ bit.

Gently sand the discs down with fine grit (220) sandpaper.

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

It’s time to seal these rustic wood ornaments so they are even more gawgeous. Left natural and naked, they look just fine, but I really wanted to bring out the grain and warmth of this wood. Grab your coconut oil. Seriously, go grab it. I used the kind from Aldi, the solid cold pressed kind. But, you can probably use any kind of oil to seal these, or wax.

I am going to be brutally honest here… 

The wax I would normally use was either in the basement or garage, and I didn’t feel like going to get it with the kids running all over. So I used the coconut oil in my pantry instead. Did you know you can use coconut oil as a furniture polish? You can!

If you do the solid kind, apply it with your fingers so you can get a little spa-like manicure treatment while you work. But really, the heat from your fingers will melt the oil so you can spread it and rub it in.

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

I need to do my nails.

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

Can you see the difference here? One is oiled up, the other is naked. They look amazing all covered in coconut oil goodness.

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

Now go ahead and thread your ribbons through. I went simple and just tied either a knot or a bow at the top, leaving a big enough loop to hang on the tree branches.

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

Rustic wood gorgeousness, right?

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

They’re all ready to hang! They look so cute and warm, and really give that homey rustic touch to the tree!

Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments


Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

I’m normally a December 1st Person, but this year, I was a Thanksgiving Weekend Person, with a little bit of straggling along. Who else is a last-minute Christmas decorator?

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