Rustic Home Decor & Farmhouse Favorites

I’m always on the hunt for affordable rustic home decor to go in the cubbies of our giant Ikea Kallax unit, which doubles as our faux mantel. Fauxtel. My new word for the bookshelf that I decorate like a giant mantel because we have no real mantel. Out of 16 cubbies, the lower 8 are holding toys in baskets, and the upper 8 house the knickknacks and tchotchkes. The cubbies and other table areas in the house with decorations on it within reach of the children renders our house forever in a state of upheaval of home decor. Edie likes to move the things. Lilly likes to stage the things. Andrew likes to put trucks and cars amongst the things. During the week, I’ve noticed they redecorate and rearrange my rustic home decor items, no less than 10 times a week.

Rustic home decor that looks great, no matter where your kids relocate all your stuff! So cohesive, and farmhouse fabulous!

The lotion looks great with the Mack, and the pen adds so much flair, right? 

I’m glad the majority of our decor goes together nicely, no matter where it ends up. We like to mix up the farmhouse, rustic, and industrial decor throughout the house, so when things get moved around, it still flows. Texture is a big deal in this house also; we’ve got lots of it. Having a cohesive look is important to me, so I don’t feel like our house has an identity crisis. Although, our master bedroom has one for sure! Truthfully, when I truly get sick of the decorations in the cubbies, I get the kids to help me pull it all out, and put it on the table along with the stuff in the kitchen, and a plastic tote of random things… then we stage, stage, stage.

The more I talk about this, the more I want to do it today. Hmm.

Mostly everything we own, “goes” together. Farmhouse and rustic home decor, industrial, mid century modern styles. Eclectic, I suppose, but in my mind it’s cohesive, and a great mix of styles together.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite things on Amazon that are really so versatile they can work anywhere, so you can have some shortcuts to a cohesive look.

I also need to mention, this post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure here

1. Cotton Chevon Herringbone Throw – Amazon | 2. Decorative Iron Scale – Amazon  
3. Set of 3 Ceramic White Bottles – Amazon | 4. Olive Leaf Wreath – Amazon
5. Enameled White Metal Bread Box – Amazon | 6. Stoneware Cow Butter Dish – Amazon
7. Mug Tree – Amazon | 8. Black & White Checker Throw Pillow – Amazon | 9. Ceramic Rooster – Amazon
10. Set of 3 Oval Hyacinth Baskets – Amazon | 11. Steel Bakery Sign – Amazon
12. Metal Galvanized Watering Can – Amazon | 13. Metal Windmill Wall Clock – Amazon
14. Set of 2 Galvanized Serving Trays – Amazon | 15. Shabby Cottage Wall Hooks – Amazon
16. Oval Galvanized Serving Tray – Amazon | 17. Coffee, Tea, Sugar Enamel Canisters – Amazon
18. Wood & Metal Catch-All – Amazon

Don’t get it twisted though, an enamelware bread box and a hot wheels loopy track totally work, honey!


  1. “Farmhouse decor that looks great no matter where your kids put it” – LOL!! Love this so much!! And I need every single one of these items, STAT. Fabulous collection, girlfriend!!

  2. Every item would feel right at home in my house and I am not even farmhouse! I love how it is so easy these days to add a little french country, a little farm house, a little transitional and a little coastal all in the same room…makes me happy! Thanks for the inspiration and for joining the party at Favorite 5s!

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