A she shed makeover that is truly amazing! This shed began as dark and dusty, and is now functional, light, bright, airy, and rich in utility storage!

Outdoor & Seasonal Projects

I love nothing more than a 4-season English garden, with different layers of wildflowers and shrubs. While that’s (still) a work in progress at our house, you’ll find only my most tried and true gardening tips in here (like maybe 1 or 2), and a bunch of projects that are simple and will look amazing in your yard (even with dead plants in August).

Behind the AREA RUGS

Hi, I’m Kim

I am here to let you know that it’s totally possible to have a beautifully decorated, comfortable, purposeful home that serves your family while tackling DIY projects, while not being overrun with all the stuff.

We used to live in a 2 bedroom 880sqft house, which is a minimalist’s dream… except 10 years ago, I wasn’t aspiring to be one. I soon found myself with an infant, and oodles of decor and baby stuff in the basement, collecting dust.