One Word for 2019

I am digging out from under the dust of Christmas and ringing in the New Year, wondering how it’s already 2 weeks into 2019. What kind of new year person are you? Are you a resolution person, a one word person, a goal setter?

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I used to do the resolution thing, but ditched the whole concept pretty quickly. I started goal setting a few years ago, and literally 3/4ths into the year, I look at the goal list, and realize I haven’t met many. I’m digging into this for 2019 because – in all honesty – my goals are derailed by life and my inability to focus through all the things and get back on track, then the next thing I know, it’s October, and I just thrown in the towel because I realize how little action I’ve taken, or how much I just spun my wheels amidst life.


My one word for 2019 is simplify. Simplify the calendar, simplify the clutter. Simplify my kids’ lives, simplify grocery shopping, meals, housework. Simplify all the things. If it’s not nailed down, I’m going to find a way to simplify it. I have found in this journey that simplicity is crucial for me to succeed as a mom, as a business owner, as a wife, as myself. I’ll still be goal setting, because I think it’s important, but this year those goals will feel different, because my one word is an all encompassing word. Simplifying the noise and chatter, is going to free up a lot of space to focus on those goals.

Back in October, I started #Last90Days, with Rachel Hollis. And I was lit on fire. Ok, not literally, but my motivation was kicked in gear. The premise of #Last90Days, is to begin all the positive, life changing things you’d normally begin in January, in October. In October, you can set yourself on the path to success, ride that wave through the holidays, and hit the ground running in January. Less stress, less overwhelm, more success, better habits.

Each week was a theme, but the 5 things she had you do each day was to drink water, wake up an hour early every single day, work out 30 minutes a day, cut out a food, and write out 10 things you’re grateful for each day.


There were a crazy amount of things to be grateful for each day (the smaller the better) that I overlooked. I was super dehydrated, and I realized I feel so much better when I move my bod. Waking up at 4:30-5:00am each day is literally magic.  Did I do this stuff every single day? No, but I would say I did these 5 things about 90% of the time.

Know what happened?

I simplified my plan of attack. I lost almost 10 pounds. I learned all about magic in that single morning hour before the kids are up while the coffee is still hot. I coasted through the holidays with minimal stress (literally). I purged the majority of our house to eliminate random stuff and clutter. I had a come to Jesus with my sanity level (which was peaking around 12 on a scale of 1-10). I said no. I said yes. I focused more on the things that needed attention, with intention. I learned that what happens in this house after 8pm when my kiddos are still awake and wild is a direct correlation of my self care and whether or not I had coffee alone at 5am. I learned I get really annoyed when I forget to set the coffee maker. I now triple check the carafe placement because there was that one time I forgot to put the carafe back under at bedtime. There was a full pot of coffee on the coffee bar, in the dry sink, on the microwave, and carpet at 4:35am.

Simplicity in my life is a direct correlation to my self care and a solo hot coffee.

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So, it’s now January. I’m still drinking water, still waking up early, still journaling, still eating well, and still moving. It’s super easy to just keep rolling along. My house is calmer, my kids are mellower, it’s tidy, and simpler.

This years’ one word feels so fitting for where this house is, in our season. The simpler things are to maintain, the simpler it is for me to intentionally and purposefully engage with the kids, work, work on goals, and just be, all because I’m less stressed, less overwhelmed, and more focused on the important things around here.

This Fast Fix Friday, isn’t necessarily fast, but it is a fix for your life, house, and mind.

Lisa is sharing her one word that’s turned into two, and Sarah is schooling us on how to fit more books into our life!

Have you chosen one word for this year?

I’d love to hear it!  Come visit my FB page and IG and let me know what it is!

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  1. Kim, everything about this has me saying YES!!! I’m also in the midst of simplifying our home and routines for this year. Now you’ve got me pondering what it would be like tinroatate the same 7 dinner meals every week. Hmmm….I wonder if I would have a revolt or if no one would notice (at least for a while) and if it would also save more of my sanity. I may give it a go….

    I’m cheering you on in your simplifying!!♥️♥️

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