That One Time My Project Was in a Magazine…

Can we chat for a minute? Let me grab my coffee cup, because I have to spill my guts. I’ll just say it… I have been blogging for almost a year now, and I have a project in a magazine. Say whaaaat?

Freaking out in the kids' treehouse at BN over my DIY Blanket Ladder in this magazine!
Don’t get it twisted you guys, this blog is very much a baby blog compared to some of my larger favorites, but I am amazed that it’s come this far in a short amount of time.


I’ve gone from literally 12 page views to just about 10,000 page views each month, in a year. As my blog has grown, so have you, my dear sweet Pinterest Posse (is it alright if I call you that?)! You guys are over 3,300 people strong. Basically all of you appeared (almost as if from nowhere) over the last 6 months. I can’t believe over 3,000 of you follow me on Pinterest. I’m in shock that you like and share my projects on Facebook, retweet them on the Twitter, and I’m amazed that you double-tap on Instagram.

Y’all have pinned this Easy Pallet Blanket Ladder 15 THOUSAND TIMES.

You've GOT to make this pallet blanket ladder!

Yes, I know there are 205,976 other bloggers out there with trillions of pins on a single post, but 15,000 for me is unimaginable.

Because of you guys, that pin found its’ way to the amazing folks at Mary Jane’s Farm magazine, and is found in the special issue, Farmgirl DIY.

My DIY Blanket Ladder in Farmgirl DIY magazine!

This is like…  crazy! My little blanket ladder Andrew and I made in the garage, that only took 15 minutes… The ladder I wrote as part of a quick pallet round-up for The Shabby Creek Cottage


My DIY Blanket Ladder in Farmgirl DIY magazine! AHHH!

I freaked out when I heard the magazine was going to use it.

There I was, in the waiting room with Andrew at my kids’ dentist office playing pac-man, when Sarah @ 1915 House sent me a picture of the magazine… freaking out.

My DIY Blanket Ladder in Farmgirl DIY magazine! AHHH!

After their appointment was over, we went down to the book store, where I promptly freaked out in the rows of DIY magazines and the kids’ section where I read the whole thing.

Freaking out in the BN kids treehouse over my ladder in the Farmgirl DIY magazine!

Isn’t it all cute for fall?!

The updated blanket ladder for fall - super cute, right? Check it out in Farmgirl DIY magazine & get the how-to on the blog!!

Can I also tell you I found a copy of the elusive Magnolia Journal at the check out.

Freaking out in the BN kids treehouse over my ladder in the Farmgirl DIY magazine and I found a copy of Magnolia Journal!
The cashier saw my Magnolia Journal freakout moment, and we bonded over Fixer Upper, how Andrew is my Chip and he builds all the things, and that we do “some home improvement projects.” Andrew jumped in and told her I was in that very copy of Farmgirl DIY magazine and we do a TON of home improvement projects and I blog them all here. This sweet lady too freaked out, flipped through, and asked if HGTV had called us yet (they have not).

I am always totally embarrassed (talking about myself gives me hives), but not Andrew, he is a proud papa bear. He isn’t on this blog too much (always in the garage), but he is the other (better) half of this thing, and he brings all the ideas with power tools to fruition.

So I am just beyond happy, and humbled, and proud, and just beside myself that this ladder is out there for the world to see, because of you.

I love y’all so much!

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