Magnolia Boot Tray DIY

So this DIY shoe rack, isn’t really a shoe rack, but it is a boot tray, which holds shoes! Obsessed with Fixer Upper? Yep, me too. Jo’s blog is full of adorable DIY projects, and this Magnolia boot tray is one of ’em! You remember this post, about my antique salvaged door entryway, with that little rock-filled boot tray?That boot tray “solution” really turned out to be more work, than a solution. I still to this day, find rocks in random places I thought were clean. The tray itself was far too small to hold all of our shoes, and cleaning the tray from the dust and all that comes with the shoes was frustrating.

I know I simply could glue the stones down, and made it so the dirt and mud would just fall through and I could hose it off… but we all know no one is going to do that.

The day the Magnolia Market blog posted a DIY Boot Tray, we ditched the rocks and set out to make this thing.

DIY Magnolia Boot Tray

I love the idea to use a dresser drawer and just pop wheels and a handle on it, but we didn’t have a dresser drawer handy, so we followed their directions and adjusted the measurements for a custom fit for our nook. And all our shoes.

We just glued the wood, and nailed it to the frame, pre-drilled the holes for casters, and then stained it.

DIY Magnolia Boot Tray

Attached the casters, and the handle, and filled it with shoes.

DIY Magnolia Boot Tray
What’s great about this gorgeous tray, is the wheels give it character and a bit of height and an industrial vibe, while the iron handles and the distressed wood give it a rustic farmhouse feel.

DIY Magnolia Boot Tray

The height on the sides hold the shoes and things inside perfectly, and there’s enough room to put a basket inside to hold all the kids’ hats and mittens, and Edie’s tiny socks and shoes.

The size here is perfect, and we made it to perfectly fit right under the door in the nook. We stained it a dark espresso color to match the shelf on the door, and I think it’s just gorgeous. To clean this one, I just vacuum it out or wipe it out if it’s a little muddy.

So far, this boot tray is here to stay!

DIY Magnolia Boot Tray


  1. I love this idea. I need something to put our muddy boots in & this looks easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

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