Home Stretch

May 2013

I’ve packed round 1 of our non-essential things, and am feeling like we should pack a 2nd round of non-essentials, since we are actually closing in 3 weeks and moving in 4 weeks.

After the pre-drywall meeting, we went to the house on a gorgeous day, just to see and take some photos before everything was done, and we found the house pretty much, well, done. The drywall and trim were up and painted, and the cabinetry was in except for a few things in the kitchen.

There’s also siding!

Andrew and his friend drove past this week and said the lights are all on the outside and the siding is completely finished. I can’t wait to see it on the 20th!

Certainly feels a little more ‘real’ this visit. As soon as we got home from this trip, we put our current house on the market for renting and it only took about 2 weeks to find a tenant, when we originally thought it’d take over a month at least. We actually just approved someone tonight, and couldn’t be happier that the whole process of screening prospective tenants is over!

I need more labels.

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