French Bread Board Face Lift

I did a super quick morning DIY project! We were given an adorable French (or Macy’s, no one knows) bread board from my husband’s aunt. It sounds awful, but I hated the color, it was really gross looking and had seen better days (not in the antique-sense of the word) and was otherwise in a basement for decades with whatever was crawling on top of it.


I was thinking of making it into a chalkboard, but it was so uneven, that wouldn’t work. And I didn’t want to hang it up because I wanted a little centerpiece type decor in the center of our table. Mostly to hold our salt & pepper shakers. Speaking of, are they not the cutest little owls ever? Threshold at Target. You’re welcome.

So, I white washed the top of it with some white paint i found laying in the basement. I just mixed it with water and slapped it on. I took a paper towel and wiped off the excess and did the same on the edges.

I kind of like it. And, I need more of these cuties.
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