Footings and Framing

March 2013

I’m in complete denial that any of it is happening, despite the moving boxes, labels, checklists laying around. We are also renting out our current home, so there are the occasional showings and rental applications that pop in. But this is actually happening. Like, right now. March was spent doing the groundbreaking, footings, foundation, and the framing of the house.

I have to say, I thought I was going to be one of those homeowners who stops by the site weekly and takes a boatload of pictures and blogs about impending disaster or progress, but I wasn’t. We live so far away, and never really felt like making the trip out there just to see piping or electrical work, so we didn’t. Our friend that does live close by did stop by once in a while to send us photos of our hole in the ground, and the framing process – which were the most exciting for us anyway!

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