Farmhouse Style Throw Pillows That Are Actually Affordable

How to get farmhouse style throw pillows on a dime. Ok, maybe a few dimes, but you can get the farmhouse style throw pillows for WAY less than you think!

I see you, girlfriend, shopping for those beautiful farmhouse style throw pillows. Your pillows have to stand up to the true test of childhood, right? Mine too. The kids literally throw them on the floor, at each other, make them into forts, stand in as projectiles in self defense of another pillow hurtling through the air. They have to stand up to the rigors of seats, table tops, and your tiny children. Oh, and husbands.

I see you, girlfriend, looking at those price tags, having a heart attack at that little price checker machine. Those pillows can’t be washed in a washer, can’t be touched by human hands covered in God knows what, can’t be used as fort walls, seats, tables, or in a pillow fight.

Remember you had the same allergic reaction (hives) when you were wondering what to do when you couldn’t afford a Joanna rug? We came through that sadness together, and we will get through this too!

Times like these are basically an exercise in breaking down the qualities of the style you’re loving. You’ve got the throw pillow look you love – rustic, texture, neutrals, whatever it may be. When the price tag doesn’t match your wallet, you take the elements of what you love about the high priced item, and find them at a more affordable-to-you price tag.

These are literally drool-worthy pillows, aren’t they??

In good conscious, I cannot shell out that many dollars for anything in this household which my children will cover in yogurt, ketchup, syrup, cookies, chocolate, marker, chalk, drag through the dirt and sand, and Lord knows what else. If you can afford the $109 throw pillow, and it’s practical for your lifestyle, and you truly love it with all your heart, then by all means, go forth. If you know in your soul that $109 pillow will inevitably be ruined by whatever your current lifestyle throws at it, halt until college.

Don’t get me wrong, I invest in quality pieces furniture or textiles when it’s logical to do so, despite having younger, marker-and-yogurt-weilding, kiddos. I very much appreciate the hand-knotted craftsmanship of these pillows (and their counterpart area rugs), but my children do not.

Get The Look for Less: don’t be irrational and cheap, be logical and affordable.

I have learned to skip the cheap alternatives because that is what they are. Cheap. They wear horribly,. launder horribly, are poorly made, and are essentially a waste of time, cleaning supplies, and money.

Instead, I opt for the same styles, textures, colors, patterns, of the higher-priced item, at a lower-priced store, without scraping the bottom of the cheaply-priced-barrel. It’s not a perfect match to the high-priced item, but it will check a few boxes, and that works for me, my kids, and our wallet. Just because we have young children doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice on whatever style we love; we just need to be smart and creative.

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I love the texture, patterns, colors and the boho/southwest style of the Magnolia Market pillows, and found these stand-ins at a price point I can jive with (until the kids make it to college).

These are some adorable and super affordable farmhouse style throw pillows! They're perfect for when you can't afford Joanna's!

Row 1: Kaleidoscope Accent Throw Pillow Cover (Amazon) | Ikat Chevron Accent Throw Pillow Cover (Amazon) Row 2: Embroidered Geometric Throw Pillow Cover (Amazon)  |  Navy Blue Striped Linen Blend Decorative Pillow Cover (Amazon)  |  Boho Linen Pillow Cover (Amazon) Row 3: Farm Sweet Farm Burlap Pillow Cover (Amazon)  |  Geometric Black and White Pillow Cover (Amazon) | Grey Striped Pillow Cover (Amazon) Row 4: Boho Elephant Black Square Throw Pillow Cover (Amazon)  |  French Grain Sack Pillow Cover (Amazon)  |  Plaid Pillow Cover (Amazon)

Another DIY option, is to make your own from a throw blanket! I’ve got a set on my couch that are sewn from a Target throw blanket I found on clearance for $12!  Just get creative, and you’ll have hives no more – I promise!


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