Farmhouse Powder Room: $100 Makeover Inspiration

Do y’all know how long I’ve been waiting to do a $100 makeover in our not-even-close-to-being-a farmhouse powder room?! I have been literally dying to refresh this room, basically since the day we moved in 3 years ago.

This not-yet farmhouse powder room is the poster child for questionable design choices.

Somewhere along the line of the bathroom decorating ideas, I thought it’d be a great idea to add removable wallpaper to this beige box. This builder-grade oval mirror, pedestal sink, Nina Garcia sad light fixture, no storage cliche first-floor powder room.

Can I take this before, and turn it into the inspiration for my farmhouse powder room makeover? It's so gorgeous; and so over budget! Can I get the look for less while staying in the $100 budget?

We can only go up from here, right?

My Farmhouse Powder Room Inspiration

Did I mention this room has to be done with $100? Well, it has to be done with $100. I have sourced things which I found inspirational for the room, with the intentions of DIYing the look for less than $100.

I also should let you know, this post contains some affiliate links (full disclosure here). 

Gorgeous inspiration for a $100 Farmhouse Powder Room makeover! I can't wait to see the reveal!!

  1. Rustic Black Clear Glass Light (Amazon): We have a super basic light fixture with 2 glass shades (exactly like these from the kids’ bathroom $100 Room Makeover project, just hideous), and I’m pretty sure I can get an awesome ‘look for less’ using mason jars for globes and some black spray paint.
  2. Antique Ivory Wood Fram Mirror (Home Depot): I am thinking old window with some greens on it, yes?
  3. Chesapeake Bay Candle (Amazon): We always have a candle going in the powder room when guests come by, and to be honest, I hate our plug-in air freshener.
  4. Olive Wreath (Amazon): When in doubt, put a wreath on it! I love adding greenery basically everywhere, and I think some would look adorable on an antique window.
  5. Sherwin Williams – Filmy Green (Sherwin Williams or HGTV Home by SW @ Lowes): We have this paint left over from the kids’ bathroom makeover, so we’re going to use it again in the powder room.
  6. Alexandra Linen Flower Hand Towel (World Market): I love this hand towel, with the white on white pattern!
  7. Rustic Copper Ornate Wall Mirror (Hobby Lobby): I am so happy to say that I already have this cute little thing, and it was 50% off!
  8. Reclaimed Barnwood Shelf (Amazon): I’ll be making a wood shelf from all the barn wood in my garage – I love the warmth it adds!
  9. Ivory Double Diamond Woven Bath Mat (World Market): I need this.
  10. Galvanized Metal Watering Can (Amazon): Super cute on the shelf!
  11. Hobnail Vase (Amazon): I have a handful of these, must put them to good use!

Since you are my people, I know you want to know how much this inspo will run you.  You better sit down.

Are you sitting?

The approximate value of this farmhouse powder room is literally $512 (including the gallon of paint). Five hundred and twelve dollars, y’all… for a powder room.

If you are of the camp who is willing to invest $500 in a powder room, be my guest, but I am not that person. I would rather do 4 rooms for that budget, and go out to dinner afterward. To say I’m excited for the reveal of this farmhouse powder room is an understatement. The makeover is mostly done, and I promise, no matter your budget, you can have a look you love, for way less than you think.

Mark my words, this powder room is no longer the poster child for questionable design choices.
Gorgeous inspiration for a $100 Farmhouse Powder Room makeover! I can't wait to see the reveal!!



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