Farmhouse Neutral Paint Colors

This farmhouse neutral paint color is one of my favorite shades! Check out the color scheme for the farmhouse, it’s only 3 colors – and is gorgeous!

Adding a little shiplap to a focus wall, and painting it the wall color (in this case, Agreeable Grey), really makes a subtle and beautiful impact!
Open concept homes give me hives 94% of the time. I love them 6% of the time when they’re fake and staged in Better Homes & Gardens, or a when they’re a converted loft warehouse. I get annoyed watching basically every show on HGTV when they’re saying things like, “knock down all these walls and make it an open concept to entertain in!” Just stop. Do you people realize what you’re saying!? Fully open concepts are always on display, thus, always needing to be ‘together.’ They’re what I think never-ending stress is made of.  I’m not talking about a living room or family room that’s open to a kitchen; which happens to be the floor plan we have. I consider those to be kindof-open-but-not-really concept. I’m talking about the houses when you walk in the entry, and all the contents of your house are in one huge room with furniture strategically placed on area rugs, masquerading as walls. I can’t.

Also, why do these people always need granite?

Anyway… we have a playroom and a formal dining room, and both these rooms are behind these things called ‘walls.’ The walls add a place in which to rest my eyes, so I can ignore the mayhem in the playroom for one day. The walls contain the legos and Lincoln logs.

Way before, during construction. Yikes.

The walls also allowed me to ignore the dining room from a design point of view.

How lovely is that coffee bar? We need to upgrade our dining room chairs though...
Dining room, about 3 years after we moved in. Still blah.

One of the major reasons we wanted to buy this house because of the dedicated spaces of a playroom and dining room, as well as the open kitchen/family room areas. We also knew we wanted to unify the space with a simple farmhouse neutral paint color scheme. To make it cohesive, light, neutral, but still have color, we chose Agreeable Grey for the entire first floor, stairwell, and upstairs hallway. While the main portion of the house is/will be this shade, the bathrooms are Filmy Green, and the kitchen cabinets are going to be Alabaster. 3 out of 4 bedrooms are still in that phase of non-committal, except Lilly’s room, which is Pink Glamour (HGTV Home/SW).

These farmhouse neutral paint colors are my favorite! They're perfectly subtle - Agreeable Grey, Alabaster, and Filmy Green.
Farmhouse neutral colors for the main parts of the house.

Paint changes everything, so I’ve joined up with some awesome friends to show you exactly how paint is a game changer!

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Agreeable Grey (Sherwin Williams) is one of my most favorite farmhouse neutral paint colors. It’s very agreeable in our house, though I have heard it’s not so in everyone else’s home. Grab a test jug and paint a larger area and see what it looks like in different lights, so marinate on it before you commit.

The walls were generic builder beige/white, and just gross and blah. A fresh coat of paint that you’ve chosen, no matter the color, makes the room feel decorated. Before, our things felt like they were just in the space.

A new construction home is also so basic as far as character goes, so we’re adding architectural goodness where we can, and decided to add shiplap in here as well. It’s covering the main hallway in white, and on one wall in the powder room. I equate shiplap to board and batten (which is in the kids’ bathroom) – it’s classic, and it’s always going to be around to some degree.

Here, and in the powder room, I’ve painted it the wall color, instead of white. I really like shiplap when it’s painted the wall color.

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The dining room is going to be fully updated in September for a third round of our $100 Room Makeover Challenge (see the first one here, and the second here). So far, I’ve painted the science lab stools black for a bit of an industrial feel, the tiny pie safe is painted (again, a shade I forget), and the dry sink coffee bar is now Alabaster, which will match our kitchen cabinets very, very soon.

I love having a kindof-open-but-not-really concept house painted one farmhouse neutral paint color, in the name of being subtle, simple, cohesive, and relaxing. It’s going to be more relaxing when we hang our antique doors on the playroom…  so I can close them.

The power of paint (and walls), you guys!


  1. Agreeable Gray is looking so very agreeable in your house. I love it!

    Also, you are preachin’ to the choir on open concept spaces. A wall or two is not always a bad thing.


  2. Beautiful job adding even more farmhouse charm to your dining room. It looks so cozy and hospitable –just as I expect your home would be. Lovely choice of colors. Love it all!! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. This is gorgeous, Kim! Your cute house is the true definition of farmhouse. I like open concept, too, but yes, it’s hard to keep it together especially when you have little ones. Embrace the mess, right? I am pinning these colors for the future!

  4. I love your home and all the charm you’ve added to it. I do agree with you about needing some walls to hide everyday life. I love your dining room and that sink is so fantastic, it would look great in your kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you do with the dining room, in it’s current state it totally beats mine 🙂

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