Fall Cleaning In A Flash… So You Can Decorate

Get your porch ready for fall! Your fall cleaning will be done in a flash with this steamer, so you can move on to things you really want to do…  the decorating!


HomeRight SteamMachine getting ready to steam clean filthy white vinyl railings

How can I be expected to start decorating for fall, when my porch railings are disgusting?

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Anyway… you can’t. I mean, I definitely tried, but was then just staring at the grossness of the railing among beautiful heirloom pumpkins and mums and corn. No matter what gorgeousness I would have put up for fall, all I would have noticed would be the dirt and funk on those white vinyl railings.

top of dirty and dusty white vinyl railing, needing to be cleaned

Let me give you some back story. Usually I scrub these things 2 or 3x per year. Because I hate doing it. In the spring, Andrew and I used a 5 gallon bucket of soap and water, wash rags, a hardcore brush type of mop he had in the garage, and our garden hose to scrub the deck, the front of the house, porch roof, and railings. It looked like a bazillion bucks when it was done, but we were soaked, gross, and exhausted. The decking and ceiling of the porch, as well as the siding were super easy…  those railings though. Man alive, those things were just annoying.  They reminded me of when we painted our kitchen cabinets – there’s always one cabinet door left.  Or like a bowl of spaghetti – it just always looks the same no matter how many bites you eat. I swore I would stay on top of hosing it down, or wiping it clean… but I did no such thing.

This summer has been insanely rainy, cloudy, and so very humid… nothing really dried.  The deck steps have begun to rot, and the grossness on the railings was at an all-time high.

Dirty and dusty white vinyl railing, needing to be cleaned

Who wants to place pretty mums and pumpkins, against that? Blech.

Fall porch cleaning done fast

This time, I whipped out the HomeRight SteamMachine, with the large nylon brush head attachment, and was done cleaning the railings in about an hour.


This is the same steamer I sanitized my flower pots with this spring (when it was still snowy outside), and I’m going to clean and sanitize my garden tools once the season is all over. This HomeRight SteamMachine (Model 53 is the one I have) comes with 17 attachments, including the large nylon brush head and the microfiber towel I used on this, the dirtiest railing in all the land.

The finer details on this HomeRight SteamMachine 53 are found here at HomeRight, but my absolute, hands down, favorite features of this sweet little blue machine are the 8′ long hose and the 35-45 minutes of continuous steam. The machine isn’t heavy or cumbersome at all, but that long hose and steam-time just let you zip right through the work.

HomeRight SteamMachine getting ready to steam clean filthy white vinyl railings

Cleaning this disgustingness was so simple – fill it up with water, plug it in and turn it on, and when 8 minutes are up… you have a tank full of dirty-fence-grime-busting steam at your finger tips.

I steamed and gently scrubbed a section, then wiped the water and dirt away with the microfiber towel.

HomeRight SteamMachine cleaning dirt on white vinyl railings

HomeRight SteamMachine cleaning dirt on white vinyl railings

And simply repeated my way around the railing, working from top to bottom. Ew, look how gross that rag is. Elbow grease was minimal.

Dirty vs clean vinyl porch railing that has been steam cleaned

Difference between dirty rungs and clean rungs on vinyl railing after steam cleaning

The difference between the clean side and grime side is so amazing, right?!

White vinyl railing that's just been steam cleaned in preparation for fall decorating

White vinyl railing that's just been steam cleaned in preparation for fall decorating

All the corn stalks in the land will be proud to call that railing home!

I’m doing a fall porch tour again this year, but the few pumpkins I’ve already got out there look much happier on a clean railing.

Beautiful heirloom pumpkins, mixed with orange traditional pumpkins, spilling out of a farm basket. Mixed with fluffy mums, on steps

For some more how-to details on this amazing little steamer, pop over to my HomeRight Expert Page and get detailed step-by-step directions!

As always, save it for later… 

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  1. Gurl, I’ve got one of these steamers and they are bomb! Now I just want someone to come clean my railings for me…. LOL! 😀 Your porch is gorgeous, as always! Happy Fall!! XOXO

  2. Hi hon! I need to buy one of these steamers ASAP! My railings all look like your before pics! Putting this on my Christmas list !Lol

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