Decorate + DIY Your Home

This has been a 14+ year journey in learning to do our own home renovation projects. To say it’s been a memorable journey is an understatement. We have learned so many things while nearly gutting an 880ish-sqft row home in Philly, becoming landlords of that property, tackling the updating and staging it to sell, building this house, and realizing a new construction build is just as much work as a fixer-upper. We aren’t pros by any means, but along the way, we have learned much about what we’re capable of, what we would never do again, and how many things we can build.

Behind the AREA RUGS

Hi, I’m Kim

I am here to let you know that it’s totally possible to have a beautifully decorated, comfortable, purposeful home that serves your family while tackling DIY projects, while not being overrun with all the stuff.

We used to live in a 2 bedroom 880sqft house, which is a minimalist’s dream… except 10 years ago, I wasn’t aspiring to be one. I soon found myself with an infant, and oodles of decor and baby stuff in the basement, collecting dust.