Bright and Light She-Shed Makeover

A she shed makeover that is truly amazing! This shed began as dark and dusty, and is now functional, light, bright, airy, and rich in utility storage!

This shed has gone from cobweb central to farmhouse she-shed perfection! It’s got a wonderful balance of workspace and tons of storage, with room to grow. This bright white shed is now the perfect place to relax, create, garden, and stay organized.

You just need a little paint and some imagination to get an amazing she-shed!

My mom has an adorable shed behind her house, and that poor little shed was basically empty, dark, a bit spidery, a little cobwebby, and dusty.

She downsized when she moved, and the spare bedroom had become a storage room, while there was a perfectly dusty shed in the back that’s been empty for two years. We decided to do some stacked shelves for storage bins, hooks for tools, and a long workbench that would be perfect for the kids to come over and create, plant flowers, clean pots, start seeds, and all that good stuff.

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For this she-shed makeover project, I whipped out my favorite sprayer – my Finish Max Extra, the white paint, and got to work. You can get all the details about what comes with this glorious sprayer right here!

This sprayer is my absolute favorite because you don’t have to thin the paint before you spray it, and you can tip the sprayer without the seal leaking.

We painted our kitchen cabinets with this sprayer, and that was when we fell in love with it immediately for the non-thinning aspect, as well as being able to spray at an angle. Those two things alone make spraying ridiculously easy and fast.

Like any paint job, you will remove the electrical covers and tape where you need it. I covered the windows with tape and drape. If you’re needing to cover your floors, the tape and drape is also great for that!

It’s pretty easy to get started with this sprayer. Fill the cup, adjust the take-up tube to angle to the back of the cup (in this case, because it’ll be pointing it up most of the time), put the lid on, plug it in, and go. You can tip the sprayer up to 45°, so it provides a great angle for hard-to-reach places. If you do tip beyond 45°(like I did accidentally in this video) you run the risk of paint in the motor, so definitely avoid that.

You can prime first if you need to, but I love a great paint & primer in one! This is in high-hide white (un-tinted, right off the shelf) with an eggshell finish. The first coat of paint didn’t soak in as much as I thought it would, but I still needed 3 gallons for the 10’x20′ shed, and this ceiling alone took a full gallon. You can see the coverage in the photos below, and the difference between 1 coat and the 2nd.

I absolutely loved how fast and consistent the sprayer was, on both the ceiling and walls. The walls were done super fast with 2 coats in 1 day and were drying nice and evenly by the time I finished cleaning out the sprayer (literally takes 10 minutes).

Once the walls were done and completely dry, I cleaned the floor and taped the bottom of the walls to prep for floor painting. My mom opted for a dark grey porch and floor paint with a roller. You could spray this too, but we skipped that to avoid having to drape and tape for the overspray.

Once the floor cured for 3-4 days, we built custom shelves so she can reach everything and keep it organized. I also swapped out the electrical outlets and switches to new white ones, and added adorable light cages with LED Edison-style bulbs (these are 60W, soft white bulbs). Organizing garden and yard tools is a bugaboo, so we added these coated utility hooks all along the back wall for shovels, rakes, brooms, mops, the weedwhacker, and there is still tons of room to grow. There’s now an L-shaped table under the window and down the length of the wall, which serves as a space for her to craft with the kids, cut flowers, plant some veggies and flowers, and tinker with the trimmer string. I wanted to leave tons of storage room underneath for some rolling bins or baskets for all the heavy things no one wants to lug off shelves.

Everything looks better with an adorable rug.  Can you believe my mom got that rug at Five Below?!

There are a few other hooks around for keys, supplies, bags, whatever she needs, and a little spot for her trash can and recycling bins, and even the hose in winter.

I cannot believe how huge this she-shed looks now, and how clean and bright is it. It makes me want to rope off part of the woodshop/garage to make a tiny adorable she-shed area for me and all my books and white furniture and white walls and hoarded furniture. I’m just kidding, I’d need the whole garage for all my hoarded furniture, and many more gallons of paint.

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