Farmhouse Style Rugs Under $150

I love farmhouse style rugs, all tattered looking and gorgeous. What I do not love, is how expensive area rugs can be. I found 7 8×10 area rugs, all with a vintage, distressed, rustic, farmhouse, boho vibe…  all under $150.

We have a lot of little kids running all willy nilly with juices, crackers, candies, markers, slime, dirt, ketchup, chocolate, milk, and Lord knows what else. I cannot be having them trashing and destroying rugs. That’s the main reason why we never upgraded our rugs when we built this house – we knew they’d get destroyed.

And… they have.

The living room rug has a blue sharpie line drawing, a big blue stain from a renegade freezie pop that was left to die a slow death, toothpaste, ketchup, and a LOT of small random stains that I don’t recall cleaning up.

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I steam clean the main carpet in our house at least 3 times a month and while we do use an amazing carpet spray (which also is used in the laundry too), the carpet itself is just so basic-level and worn, it’s beyond. We shall upgrade the carpets in the second floor with a better quality carpet, but the first floor shall have none.

Our grand plans are to remove the carpet in the living room, dining room (why there is wall-to-wall carpeting in dining rooms is beyond my comprehension on so many levels), and the play room, and do some type of wood or wood-look flooring. We will keep the carpet on the stairs, hallway, and bedrooms upstairs, but will upgrade that to a nicer-grade option way, way, way down the road.  Like when they can brush their teeth without toting the toothpaste around the house.

I have been thinking about getting a giant area rug for the living room in the mean time, to help break up the sharpie stains and beige-ness.  Which, is ironic because all the rugs I keep gravitating toward…  are in the realm of beige.  Go figure.

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7 Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Area Rugs, under $150

Farmhouse area rugs on amazon

1 Safavieh Adirondack Ivory & Silver (8×10)  |  2 Persian Area Rug Cream Ivory (8×10) 
3 Safavieh Adirondack Ivory & Slate (8×10)  |  4 Safavieh Adirondack Ivory & Slate Medallion (8×10)

farmhouse style area rugs on amazon

5  Persian Rugs Distressed Ivory (8×10)  |  6 Persian Rugs Distressed Beige (8×10)
7 Persian Rugs Distressed Silver (8×10)

There are even more rugs in my Amazon Shop…

…as well as this post about what to do when you can’t afford those gorgeous Joanna Gaines rugs!


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Farmhouse rugs on amazon

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