Adorable Affordable Macrame Plant Hangers

These macrame plant hangers are adorable, affordable, and will fit any style.
Your plants will love their farmhouse boho chic vibe, all day long!

Ooooh, macrame. That word alone brings me back to friendship bracelet making with my besties, after swim practice all summer long. When you’d have those things tied all the way up your arms, or a cool ankle bracelet knotted to perfection. Lilly asked for a macrame hair wrap she saw in a bracelet book last summer, and I was literally freaking out with excitement because we had those permanently in our hair from like, 1987-1992, or something.

About 8 years ago, we had this philodendron plant that needed to sun himself in a window, and I got the idea to get one of those macrame plant hangers to put in the kitchen. Full sun, perfect spot. I assumed our local home improvement shops would have a decent selection of pretty macrame plant hangers. Well, they were all hideous. We purchased the least offensive one, and it turned out to be a blessing because he was so fluffy no one could see the ugly hanger. But I knew what was hiding under the foliage.These are a few of my favorite Macrame Plant Hangers. I love the farmhouse rustic boho vibe of these cuties! Especially #5!!
Now, I have the urge to get a few for the dining room and our bedroom windows, so I figured I’d save myself the torment of ugly hangers, and have found these adorable affordable macrame plant hangers.

You’re welcome.

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These are a few of my favorite Macrame Plant Hangers. I love the farmhouse rustic boho vibe of these cuties!
1) 36″ Jute Plant Hanger, Pair @ Amazon | 2)  36″ Jute Plant Hanger, Pair @ Amazon
3) Mini 19″ Macrame Plant Hanger w/Bowl @ Amazon | 4) 48″ Jute Plant Hanger @ Amazon
    These are a few of my favorite Macrame Plant Hangers. I love the farmhouse rustic boho vibe of these cuties!
5) 48″ Jute Plant Hanger @ Amazon | 6) 48″ Cotton Rope Plant Hanger @ Amazon

I love the tops on all these macrame plant hangers. They’re so detailed and pretty, and the long tails give me heart eyes. I can’t get past the price tag on a lot of the ones I’ve seen in some stores that shall remain nameless, so these are a great deal.

No matter what is hiding under my pothos foliage this time around, I know it’s going to be gorgeous!

Need another planter idea? Use a chair as a planter!


  1. Growing up we used to have loads of these hanging from our rafters with tropical trailing plants in them. I might get my mum one for Mother’s Day as a reminder.

  2. its been a long time for me since I’ve seen these hanger and I was not aware they were still available for purchase. All things old become new and I am sure these will be enjoyed by the current generation. I currently have zero plants inside the home. I am pretty decent at my outdoor flowers and shrubs but for the better health and color, I am definitely grabbing some inside plants today! ready for macrame? not sure yet 🙂 Thanks for sharing and joining Favorite 5s.

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