Hi, I’m Kim

I am here to let you know that it’s totally possible to have a beautifully decorated, comfortable, purposeful home that serves your family while tackling DIY projects, while not being overrun with all the stuff.

We used to live in a 2 bedroom 880sqft house, which is a minimalist’s dream… except 10 years ago, I wasn’t aspiring to be one. I soon found myself with an infant, and oodles of decor and baby stuff in the basement, collecting dust.

Facts About Me

I’d rather be

on the beach

Listening to

true crime

grateful for

the sunshine

Favorite place

anna maria island

spring weekends

on the bleachers

snuggle buddies

the kids + dog

Where this all began

24 area rugs, 3 kids, and 4 kitchen islands later, I have finally gotten a handle on quality pieces, repurposing items to bring function, design, and organization to spaces, learned how to DIY basically everything to update and renovate 2 houses, and how to find my design style. 

I am excited to share what I have learned along the way, to encourage you to create a beautifully decorated, functional, welcoming, minimialist-ish home for your whole family!

This is the story of how we turned excess area rugs, lamps, salvage doors, antique windows, picture frames, sample paint cans, drop cloths, and power tools, into a minimalist-ish home we love. I hope our story encourages and inspires you to DIY and simplify your house, into a home that serves your family well.

Kim + Andrew


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